Core Values

The purpose of The Franklin Band is to enhance the growth, maturity, and experience of Franklin High School students.

We embrace the following Core Values to help us achieve our goals:

Community – The community in which we live and our own community within Franklin High School shape who we are, and we shape those communities in return.

Excellence – Employ a positive work ethic on our steady march toward excellence.

Enjoyment – Students should enjoy their band experience, their friends, their musical activities, and the processes involved with them.

Inclusivity – Be a “big tent” organization, serving student of various abilities and backgrounds.

History – Value and reflect on our past while being innovative in new endeavors.

Engagement – The wants and needs of our student, parent, and community stakeholders are important to us.

Advocacy – Be advocates for music education, in neighborhood chats and in discussions with policy makers.

Versatility – Be well-rounded in what we do, but with a strong foundation in concert literature.

Challenge – Create an environment that challenges students and promotes personal growth.

Stewardship – Be good stewards of our resources, both personal and financial.