Volunteer Interest And Profile Form


Our program requires an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes activity both in preparation and implementation. Harnessing the “power of everybody” is essential in developing the spirit of community and working together toward our common goal. Your gift of service will ensure that our kids are able to concentrate on playing, marching, and performing to the best of their ability, and that our directors are able to concentrate on teaching and directing, fostering relationships with and between our kids, and bringing out the best in our students.

All of us have interests and skills that, when put to use, enable us to make a meaningful difference. Actively supporting and engaging in this important program, to which our children have such a high level of dedication and work ethic, gives them and their friends positive role models and a stronger self-esteem by making them feel appreciated and respected.  Your example inspires them to develop a commitment to service (now and in the future). Deciding to serve willingly and generously gives parents the opportunity to be participants rather than spectators.  We take ownership in the band program, form friendships with other families, and share experiences with our children that become lifelong family memories.

If you’re not sure what volunteer area would be the best fit for you, feel free to get involved in a variety of experiences. As you explore different opportunities, you should soon discover your niche in a particular area of service:

  • LOOK FOR those opportunities in which you feel the most fulfilled.
  • LOOK FOR those opportunities in which you seem to be the most effective.
  • LOOK FOR those opportunities in which others affirm your abilities.

Some people need to experience something different than what they do in their everyday lives. Others are happier working with something familiar. Either way, we encourage you to complete all sections of this TFB Volunteer Form, as we will often match your unique skills and experience with a special service opportunity.



ALUMNI RELATIONS: Work with our graduates and grow the alumni base, developing and implementing innovative strategies and initiatives to increase alumni support and encourage their interaction with the FHS Band community.

BAND CAMP TEAM: Chaperone and assist with logistics and activities at camp during the week of July 20-24.

BANQUET TEAM: Plan and host the annual banquet in May.

BLOCK TICKET ORDERS TEAM: Organize band families’ block ticket orders for competitions.

CAR WASH TEAM: Participate in various aspects of planning (ticket sales, marketing, concessions, workforce management, operations, etc.), and day-of activities including setup/breakdown/clean up and supervising student workforce (car washers).

CHAPERONES TEAM: Supervise and take care of students on band trips.

CONCERT FESTIVAL TEAM: Assist with staffing and managing this invitational concert festival at FHS.

CONCESSIONS TEAM: Help with all aspects of the concession stand during all varsity, junior varsity, and freshman football games.

EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTATION TEAM: Load and unload instruments and equipment, to and from band camp, games, and contests.

FLAG TEAM: Assist with all aspects of the flag program, such as organizing sales and installation dates, data entry, financials, participation in sales and installations, and assembly of new flags as necessary.

FRIENDS OF THE FRANKLIN BAND: Track donations and execute donor benefits for this annual fundraising program.

GUARD COORDINATOR TEAM: Help with equipment, cleaning, organization, dressing.

HOSPITALITY TEAM: Coordinate donations and help serve refreshments at various band events.

LAUNDRY TEAM: Collect, launder, and return uniforms.

MARCH-A-THON TEAM:  Assist with planning and implementing our annual March-a-Thon through the community (most likely close to Veterans Day).

MEALS TEAM: Plan/assist with serving occasional meals and snacks for the band (e.g., during full rehearsal or on performance travel day).

MEDICAL TEAM: Serve as medical attendant at camp, rehearsals, trips, or performances. Please note availability.

MERCHANDISE TEAM: Assist with ordering, delivery, and sales of souvenir items and band swag.

NOTARY TEAM: Notarize health forms in the band room during summer rehearsals and meetings prior to band camp.

PHOTO BUTTONS TEAM: Coordinate taking pictures of ALL the students, making the buttons, collecting payments for buttons, and distributing when complete.

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Take still photos or video of the band at various performances and rehearsals to share with publicity team and other band families.

PIT CREW TEAM: Help with pushing front ensemble instruments on and off the field at football games and/or competitions.

PROPS TEAM: Assemble, disassemble, load/unload and move props to and from performance sites.

RAFFLE TEAM: Help with all aspects of Raffle such as organizing and distributing ticket packets, selling tickets before/during football games, collecting ticket packets, mailing ticket stubs for online orders, data entry and financials.

SEWING (FABRICATORS): Sew flags, costumes, accessories, and/or uniform parts for both fall and winter guard; help with minor uniform alterations.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Build the Franklin Band’s brand and reach through digital engagement by providing sound and innovative strategies and initiatives using social media outlets.

SONIC BOOM TEAM: Assist with staffing and managing this invitational marching band competition at FHS (scheduled for October 3).

TAILGATE TEAM: Host a food table and/or donate food for family tailgate events during marching band season in the fall.

UNIFORM ACCESSORIES TEAM: Fit, sell, and distribute shoes, gloves, socks, member shirts and other accessories as needed.

UNIFORMS TEAM: Fit, organize, and supervise dressing for marching band events.

WATER PREP TEAM: Ensure that students are hydrated during practices, performances, and other events.


To discuss ways you can get involved, please contact Jimmy Byrd at james.byrd@vanderbilt.edu or 615-306-1748.