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Greetings Future Franklin Families,

Thank you for all you are doing to navigate this difficult time with your child while they learn from home. As we begin to survey who will continue into band class and marching band next year we hope you will take a moment to watch this special video we made for you, with your child:

We hope you and your child will become a part of the Franklin Band Family. Please fill out our membership survey here: 20-21 Franklin Band Membership Survey

Quick Facts about Band at Franklin:

  1. Our kids balance band (concert and marching) with multiple athletics groups, academics, clubs, church, and jobs. Our bands average ACT score is consistently around a 29 (with 4 members this year having a perfect score)! We purposely provide opportunities for our students to learn skills in time management from experts and their upperclassmen.
  2. Our kids look out for each other. With such a tight parent and student social group, our kids stay out of trouble, and have 200 friends who have their back if they ever are struggling with friends, school, or just teen life in general. We carefully pair “Big’s and Little’s” between our highest performing Seniors and all Freshmen to help mentor them in life, school, and band.
  3. We won’t break the bank! We work hard to make sure all students can participate in our program, and we never limit a student because of financial hardships. This year we will do MORE with LESS and students fees will be reduced drastically. Band shouldn’t be a burden, but a gift for a family and community.
  4. ANYONE can be in band! We do not hold auditions to be in the marching band. While there are small auditions for positions within the ensemble, ALL students will perform.

Color Guard at Franklin:

Anyone who is an FHS STUDENT OR AN 8th GRADE STUDENT during the 2020-2021 school year can be a part of the Franklin Color Guard – no experience necessary!

Watch this quick video to see what it’s like to be in the award-winning FHS Marching Band Color Guard

Interested in joining? Email Guard Director Michael Horvath:

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