Community Performances

The Franklin Band will host three free Community Cavalcade performances on October 15th and 22nd at  7:30 PM and on the 29th at 7:00PM, in the stadium at Franklin High School.  Franklin will perform its 2020 production, Cut From Carbon.  Featuring the music of John Mackey, Pink Floyd and Peter Graham, the show’s theme is about beauty emerging out of challenging times, much as a diamond emerges from carbon after a period of intense heat and pressure.  The Franklin Band is under the direction of Jacob Campos and Briana Vogt, assisted by Daniel Vargason, Levi Brandenburg Michael Horvath, and Brad Klemmensen.

Winners of this year’s Franklin Band Raffle will be drawn at the Community Cavalcade Performance on October 29.  For more information about the raffle’s cash prizes, and to purchase a ticket, click here.

*Temperature checks will take place at the stadium entrance.  Masks are required.

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