Alumni Spotlights



2018 TFB Alumni: Ryan Plowman

Section: Percussion
Where he is now: Ryan is completing his Bachelor of Architecture at Belmont University and will marry high school sweetheart and fellow TFB alum Anna Patton in October.
Best lesson learned from TFB: Helping those around you work towards a collective goal is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Any time one of us could go out of our way to help peers, it made the whole group even better.





2020 TFB Alumni: Amadeus Cameron

Section: Percussion
Where he is now: Amadeus is a junior majoring in User Experience Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Best lesson learned from TFB and a bit of advice: Showing up is one of the best ways to get better at something. A path forward doesn’t always end up being straight; don’t be afraid to wander.





2016 TFB Alumni: Andrew Miller

Section: Percussion
Where he is now: Andrew performed with MCDC in 2015 and The Cavaliers from 2016-2019. He majored in percussion education at MTSU. He will be student teaching with David Aydelott at Siegel High School this fall and also techs for Ravenwood, Siegel, and Audio Theater.
Words of wisdom for TFB 2022: Learn the difference between drive and discipline. There will be days when it’s easy to try your best and strive for greatness; that is drive. There will also be days when it’s really hard to give your all, but you still have to; that is discipline”



2017 TFB Alumni: Matt Godwin

Section: Percussion
Where he is now: Matt graduated with a physics degree from MTSU and is currently working on his PhD in space sciences at the University of Alabama Huntsville.
Best lesson learned from TFB: Perseverance!
Words of wisdom for TFB 2022: Keep everything in perspective, and don’t get worked up over the small stuff.



2022 TFB Alumni: Grace Fagan

Section: Color Guard
August 2022 adventure: Grace will be leaving early for the University of Alabama Birmingham in order to attend band camp, honors college orientation, and training at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, where she’ll be volunteering in the post-surgery care unit.
Words of wisdom for TFB 2022: Be kind to others, and always be able to laugh at yourself.



2022 TFB Alumni: Rachel Collins

Section: Alto Sax/Oboe
August 2022 adventure: Rachel is heading to Duke to study public policy on a pre-law track.
Words of wisdom for TFB 2022: PLEASE WEAR DEODORANT! Always have a goal in your life that you want to achieve as much as I wanted to achieve the BHAG. I believe Campos put it like this— “Find your next Grand Nats Finals”.

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