5/12/2020: Get The Word Out About Guard


Hello all, hope you and yours are doing well. My name is Max Binkley and I am currently a senior in the Bass Drum section. After high school I plan on attending MTSU and receiving a degree in Public Management. During quarantine, I have been staying busy by watching movies, filling out scholarships essays, playing tennis and of course practicing my instrument. During this time of tribulations and uncertainty it is important to have constants and a routine. Routines are essential to a healthy mind and a healthy body. I know everyone is a little restless and anxious, but any ample hints of normalcy can be the difference in sanity and insanity. It is my wish that all of you are finding productive ways to spend your time and you can reconnect with friends and family. In regards to my successors in The Franklin Band, this next band season will be nothing short of unique but I also know that no matter what happens, you all will remain bold, confident and everything you aspire to be. As the great John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the precursor to confident leaders.” So, if nothing else I challenge all, young or old, to lead during this time of change. As my senior year draws to a close, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, parents and students alike, for taking me into your family with gracious open arms and giving me the best senior year I could hope for. I’d especially like to thank my percussion director Mr. Vargason and of course Mr. Campos and Ms. Vogt. If nothing else is to be remembered than what is next, I’d like to say to all of the students of TFB that I am proud of you and no matter what happens next year, you are still THE Franklin Band and I know you will still blow some minds. SKAOW.


Since we’re a day late, we would be remiss to not express our gratitude for all of your hard work. Therefore, the Monday following Mother’s Day is now known as Band Mom’s Day! Thank you for caring for hundreds of teenagers as if they were your own. From chaperoning to medical care, sewing flags (and now masks!) to fundraising, and everything in between, The Franklin Band would not be able to function without you, logistically or emotionally. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
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Here is our guard website where students can learn and sign up for guard: https://www.smore.com/wb5vk

Think about current FHS students or 7th and 8th grade students at our middle school feeders who might be interested in guard! Post in neighborhood pages on facebook or other social media groups. We really need to recruit from all angles this year! Thank you!


The Franklin Band continues to take the band schedule and returning to practices one day at a time. As always, we are following all Williamson County Schools recommendations and protocols and should have more information regarding Mini-Camp and Percussion/Guard Camps VERY SOON. The Director’s Calendar will continue to be updated, if there are any date changes. The only change we have, for the moment is that Band Camp will now start the Monday following Graduation. We will also celebrate our seniors and have an outdoor tailgatebanquetalapalooza on Friday JULY 17th. See the Director’s Calendar for specific dates: https://thefranklinband.org/posts/events-calendar/

Director Updates

Mr. Campos (Jacob.Campos@wcs.edu)This past week was a tough week for me. There was some loss, hardships, and moments where the current world status got to me. However, at a few critical moments I took myself into the small moments of chamber music or playing solos with friends in school. I remembered that some of the most incredible musical experiences were made in those small moments. Looking even deeper I saw the struggle between a phrase I couldn’t get or didn’t understand is just a small sample of bigger things happening now. Life rarely gives you a light switch moment where you suddenly feel better, but through some patience and settled thought you can find the ramp upward. When you get caught in these moments… remember that all those other lessons and experiences were for something! Maybe this is that something! But don’t begin to think all was bad! See, each morning as I read another seniors reflection and send it off to Mrs. Byrd for the website, I get a reminder of each incredible person I have been blessed to know, grow, and learn from these past four years. That is one incredible moment in each day. So I realized, 2020 is not a bad year, no day is just a bad day. Find the beauty in each day and each year. The band work continues! Recruitment! Auditions! Show designs! New plans for an uncertain future! Whatever comes, it’s band, and I for sure love band! Much to Love you all!

Mrs. Vogt (Briana.Vogt@wcs.edu)

Now is the time when I have begun to feel fatigue from isolation. I love my family, but miss my friends, adventures/camping/hiking/kayaking, and teaching you all. Whenever I feel this pull to go see friends or to stroll through Target, I remind myself of two things: I am so incredibly lucky to have a safe shelter with access to running water and food (there are places in the world, even in the US where this is not the case). And I remember that I stay home not for myself, but for the safety of others. Thank you to those of you in TFB Family who are essential workers, particularly our healthcare workers. Stay safe!


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Demi G. I showed my mentor, Dr. Mandat, some of the wind ensemble concert and it seemed to bring him joy. I play my clarinet for family and have began to teach my little sister about marching band.”Caroline B. My family likes listening to me play piano at night.”

Jacob M. My younger brother will be joining the band as a freshmen next year, so I’ve started to help him. I’ve started to teach him the basics of marching and some of the hornline warmups and breathing excercises that we use.

Nathan L. I play my audition music to entertain my family.

Annalise D. I am teaching myself guitar. I can play songs using the top three strings right now. I never knew how much fun playing the guitar could be.


Candide is an operetta (shorter that an opera that’s meant to be funny – similar to a musical) that has won numerous awards on Broadway. The Overture to Candide was written by Bernstein, himself, and is a staple in band and orchestra literature.

This piece of music really takes me to a lighter, happier world, even when isolated indoors! This is my favorite recording, in particular, because of Leonard Bernstein’s conducting at 2:30. Take a look and enjoy (plus additional settings of the piece)! If you can find a cool, quality recording of the piece, send it to us – we want to hear it!!

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Lets get this out to everyone we can!

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