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What an exciting end to last semester!

The marching band finished the season strong with our highest Bands of America Grand Nationals placement ever, coming in just one band out of finals at 13th.  Our previous highest placement was 2013 when we finished 15th, so we’re edging closer to reaching our BHAG of becoming a Grand Nationals finalist by the year 2021.  Let’s keep on aggregating those marginal gains each and every day!  Here are the highlights of the band’s competition results:

BOA Clarksville Regional:

  • Champions, Class AAA  & Outstanding Visual Performance Award for Class AAA
  • 3rd Place in finals & Outstanding Music Performance Award

BOA Indianapolis Super Regional

  • 2nd Place, Class AAA & Outstanding Music Performance Award for Class AAA
  • 11th Place in Finals

The 54th Annual “Contest of Champions” at Middle Tennessee State University

  • Superior Award
  • 1st Place, Class AAA
  • Tennessee Governor’s Cup Winner
  • Grand Champion Award

BOA Grand National Championship

  • Semi-Finalist
  • National Runner Up, Class AAA
  • 13th Place




All Mid-State Auditions

Our numbers keep growing for All Mid-State, and we’re very proud of the students who auditioned and these students who were selected:

Meredith Aydelott
Christine Barham (All State)
David Curtis
Jason Davidson (All State)
Joey Domenico
Anaea Dossey (All State)
Savannah Faulman
Ryan Fisher
Juliana Forbess
Jason Frazier (All State)
Caleb Hoffman
Nick Hoffman
Zoe Kendall (All State)
Sarah Li
Allie Minucci
John McElroy
Webb Littleton
Luke Olson
Valerie Ring
Emma Grace Schenck
Sam Stone
Matthew Vasuta
Dawson Whitehead
Matthew Wells
Hyemin Yoon