Congrats to Mr. A!

In December, Franklin Band Director David Aydelott was presented as a John Philip Sousa Foundation Laureate of the Bandworld “Legion of Honor.” The Legion of Honor recognizes outstanding band directors who have maintained school concert band programs of excellent musical quality for a period of at least 20 years and who have held important positions of leadership in their professional organizations in dedicated service to bands.


Most recently, it was announced that Mr. Aydelott has been selected for induction into the MTSU Band of Blue Club Hall of Fame. Since 1980, the Band of Blue Alumni Club has recognized individuals who have contributed and influenced the growth of the MTSU Band of Blue. The induction ceremony will be Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:30 pm in the Wright Music Building on the campus of MTSU.

Way to go, Mr. A!

Congrats to these outstanding musicians!

The students listed below have gone above and beyond to amass some significant individual accomplishments by auditioning for national, state, and region honor bands.

They’ve invested many hours of work in practice rooms to prepare for these auditions and we congratulate them on their successes!



Audrey Binnicker

Ryan Fisher

Mikaela Ray

Michael Hall

Kevin Kleiner, alternate



Sarah Besand

Dawson Whitehead 

Allie Minucci 

Anaea Dossey 

Maddox Myers 

MTSBOA 9/10 Grade All Mid-State 

Sarah Besand, All-State and Gold Band

Dawson Whitehead, All-State & Gold Band

Allie Minucci, All-State and Gold Band

Zoe Kendall, Silver Band

Jason Davidson, Silver Band

Jason Frazier, Silver Band

Josh Johnian,  Silver Jazz Band

Jordan Hafner, Alternate

Webb Littleton,  Alternate

Rebecca Dallman, Alternate


MTSBOA 11/12 Grade All Mid-State

Anaea Dossey, All-State & Gold Band

Maddox Myers, Gold Band

Ryan Fisher, Gold Band

Sam Stone, Gold Band

Mikaela Ray, Gold Band

Audrey Binnicker, Silver Band

Madelyn Vincent, Silver Band

Meagan Vincent, Silver Band

Parker Albert, Silver Band

Caleb Hoffman, Silver Band                              

Michael Hall, Silver Band

Christine Barham, Alternate

Mia Unni, Alternate

Chase Lantz, Alternate

A Sudler Shield kind of season!

What a great marching season!  FX-A Cinematic Xperience was successful in so many ways, especially in the growth of our students.  This was the most difficult show we’ve produced, musically and visually.  And the kids gave great performances both at football games and at contests resulting in these awards:

Bands of America Louisville Regional

Division I Rating

2nd Place, Class AAA in Preliminary Competition

Outstanding Visual in Finals Competition

2nd Place in Finals Competition


Antioch High School Marching Contest

1st Place in Class

Outstanding Music Award

Outstanding Visual Award

Grand Champion


Bands of America Indianapolis Super Regional

Division I Rating

Outstanding Music in Preliminary Competition, Class AAA

Outstanding General Effect in Preliminary Competition, Class AAA

1st Place, Class AAA in Preliminary Competition

5th Place in Finals Competition


Bands of America Grand National Championships

Division I Rating

Semi-Finalist Award


…..And, our 2014 marching band was awarded the SUDLER SHIELD, an international award sponsored by the John Philip Sousa Foundation.   Two Texas bands (Claudia Taylor Johnson and Round Rock) and our good friends from Dobyns-Bennett in Kingsport recieved this prestigious award as well.  At our Spring Concert on May 3, Professor W. Dale Warren, Chair of the Sudler Shield committee will be on campus to make the official presentation.  Mark your calendars!

Congrats to our students, parents, and staff on a great marching season!

2014 Fruit Sale Fundraiser

FHS Band Fruit Sale logo medium (1)

It’s Tradition.

Much like falling leaves and football, the Franklin Band Fruit Sale is another sign of the season!  The band sells fresh fruit from Florida each year, and people love it.

This year, they started calling to place their orders before we even printed up the sale flyers!

What sounds good to you?  Navel Oranges, Tangelos, Grapefruit, maybe a variety pack.  🙂

Get your order in soon because the sale ends November 7th.

The Florida farmers pick them, box them, and drive them up.  Then we do the rest.


Deliveries start December 3rd!

To see the sale flyer, click here.


For more information, reach out to us at

National Association of Music Parents (AMP) hosting Regional Event

Music parents or booster officers in the Metro Nashville area (or within driving distance) are invited to attend a Regional Music Parent Event.  This event is being presented by AMP and hosted by the Ravenwood Band Boosters.

Sign up today for this event. It is a FREE event and will include light refreshments.

Monday, September 15th, 2014 @ 7:00-8:30p CST
6:30-7:00pm Check in and Reception
7:00-8:30pm Program


For more information, visit

You can register for the event here.

It’s a busy week!

There are several band events this week and here are the details:


  • Symphonic Band (2nd, 4th, and 5th Periods) give an open rehearsal at the Band Booster Meeting.  Students should arrive at 6:45 and the rehearsal/meeting begins at 7.  Students should wear school clothes.


  • On Wednesday, members of the 2013 “Out of Darkness” Marching Band will travel to the State Capitol to meet with Governor Bill Haslam.  He’ll be presenting the Governor’s Cup to us, followed by a photo shoot.
  • Students will need to bring uniform parts to school on Wednesday.  Color Guard students will wear warm up suits for this event.
  • Students will be leaving school after lunch and will return to school by 5:30.


  • This Saturday is the inaugural Williamson County Fine Arts Festival at the Factory.  Our 4th period woodwinds and 5th period brass classes will be performing.
  • Students should arrive at the Factory at 2:45 (don’t be late) and their performance begins at 3.  It will be over by 3:30.  Students should dress nicely.  Shirt and slacks for gentlemen, dress or dress slacks for ladies.  No jeans or tennis shoes.
  • Also on Saturday our percussion ensemble will attend the Tennessee Day of Percussion at Belmont University.  Mr. Holland will be communicating those details at rehearsal tomorrow.

“The Secret Handshake”

This Saturday, March 15, we will be filming a movie titled The Secret Handshake.  The particular scene we are in recreates halftime at a high school football game.   For that, our band will have an afternoon rehearsal where we prepare for the shoot, followed by a session with the director, and then shooting begins around 6.  For the shoot, we need extras to fill the home stands so please reach out to friends and family that might have attended our friends and family night performance back in November.  This is a great chance to show off your acting chops!


Here are the details:

Band Rehearsal

  • 1:30-3:30 pm
  • Wear rehearsal clothing.


  • 3:30-4:30
  • Eat/Change into uniform (Bring all uniform parts)

Rehearsal with the Director

  • 4:30-5:45
  • This is where he’ll plan camera angles and such.

Extras Arrive

  • 5:45
  • Wear Franklin High SWAG. Avoid clothes with obvious branding.  No huge Nike swooshes, for example.

Shooting Begins

  • 6 pm
  • The big crowd scenes will be shot first.  After the big shots are over, many extras can leave.


Other Details:

  • Food will not be provided, so plan to bring your own water, dinner and snacks.
  • Extras must be friends or family of Franklin High School students.
  • Extras must have a ticket to get into shooting.
  • Tickets will be made available to our students and parents, and will be available on site on the day of shooting.
  • Once stadium capacity has been reached, we will close the gates.  Those that arrive after gates have been closed will be turned away.
  • Extras are expected to behave themselves.  Those that misbehave will be ejected.
  • For questions, email Linda Brown.
  • This is a family film, PG rating, and the filming will be a great experience for us!

Music for All National Festival

We have a rather short, but substantial history at Music For All’s National Festival. Each year since 2009 at least one Franklin band student has been selected to either Honor Band of America or Honor Orchestra of America, and both our Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble performed (by invitation) at the 2013 event.

This year we have three students in HBOA. Pictured left to right are Cameron Drury-senior tuba, Ryan Fisher-sophomore clarinet and Mikaela Ray-junior horn.


Congrats to these students for this great achievement!